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Wayland’s Recap of the Zombie’s Performance at the NEDRA Nationals – pt. 2

Hello to All, We had left off: After the power wheelstand at speed…I had seen enough and made the decision we would not be going back out. There was a new forecast calling for mid 70s on Saturday, and with … Continue reading

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Street Driving the Lithium-powered Zombie – 48 miles on less than 50% battery use!

It’s always good when actual results verify previously crunched numbers :-) As we were designing and building the Zombie’s Dow Kokam LiPol pack, with 22.7 kWh available @ C2, and with my up-close familiarity with Datsun 1200s ( I have a pair of electrified ones), I had predicted 110-120 miles per charge at easy freeway cruising, and under not-so-perfect conditions 90-100 miles. Many doubt it, when I report that Blue Meanie only consumes about 178-185 Wh per mile, but the reality is, those are the numbers. The Datsun 1200 coupe is a small car, thus it has a small frontal area, and stock the little Datsun only weighed 1587 lbs. Blue Meanie is fitted with 175/70/13 LRR Goodyear tires pumped up to 50 psi, its wheel bearings are easy-rolling, and its rear end has the stock small case pumpkin that again, has little drag. With 700 lbs. of Hawker lead and a hefty quad subwoofer stereo system adding weight, the car weighs 2450 lbs. and can go 40-45 miles at 45-50 mph speeds with a lead acid pack that only has 7.9 kWh of energy.

The Zombie of course, is a different story! In back, everything is wrong for range. Continue reading

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