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82 Miles In the Zombie @ 77% DOD

I know many think my estimates of my EVs’ performance capabilities are too optimistic at times (many doubted the Zombie could run high 10s, let alone nearly cracking the 9s), so I love to prove them wrong ;-) I am happy to report it is the same with my range predictions for the Zombie. Continue reading

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Blue Meanie Gets Meaner!

You all knew it would happen some day, and that day has come…Blue Meanie is headed to the drag track! The Meanie’s entire attitude is shifting from bad boy to bad ass. Along with a big bump in horse power there will also be a threefold jump in range per charge, too. Continue reading

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We hit the ‘Start’ button on ‘Silver Streak’

It’s been in the works for quite a while, but I’m happy to announce the birth of an exciting project, Plasma Boy Racing’s long range electric Honda Insight ‘Silver Streak’ 71.5 kWh Electric Insight Project! Continue reading

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Interview on PDXTV

PDXTV interviewed John at the Portland Auto Show Continue reading

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The Tale of the Skyline GTR

No, it’s not the same story you’ve all heard about when we raced a
menacing Skyline GTR in our Godzilla vs Godzilla drag race – this is a
new story!

It was during my work day as a forklift wrench, and I had a need to make
a stop at the local hardware store to pick up some non-stock hardware. I
pulled my clattering service truck into the lot and as I was parking,
saw a gun metal colored Skyline GTR parked in the end spot near the
store entrance… Continue reading

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Rich Brown: “..scares the crap out of any sane person”

Let’s talk about the Zombie, the little white Datsun that scares the crap out any sane person. On the first run we all made our way to the stands in anticipation of a now “routine” 11 second or so run. They had just gone to a lower numerical ratio differential gear set. I thought it would take them a while to get it dialed in…. Continue reading

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Fun at the Movies…Chris Paine meets White Zombie! (pt. 2)

Hello to All, From part 1….. At a little before 7:00 the line formed to go into the theater, so show and tell was over and the real show was about to begin. I was excited to see this movie. … Continue reading

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Fun at the Movies…Chris Paine meets White Zombie!

OK, here’s ‘the rest of the story’……As is typical, this all started bad, very bad. In Portland, Oregon, once we get past July 4th or so, you can count on Summer weather, we’re talking little to no rain and 85-95 degree temps the norm through August. So, anyone wanna guess where I’m going with this? Yup, that damn anti-EV vortex is still after me! I’m not kidding. After 20+ days of sun and warm weather, and with Chris and his crew arriving in town for the big film debut (and a scheduled Zombie ride), a weird July cold front was forecast for mid-week, most likely Wednesday. Geesh! In fact, you just couldn’t get a more deliberate conspiracy from the weather man, with his 7 day forecast showing 85-90 degrees Monday and Tuesday, then plummeting temps and rain ‘only’ on Wednesday, then Thursday and Friday rebounding into the 80s with Saturday and Sunday heading into the 90s again. It seems at every possibility for an EVent this year, weird weather has done it’s best to kill it! Continue reading

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Gas Tax Lady Picks on the Wrong Guy…more fun at ’05 Gasless on Greenwood!

Anti-gas-tax lady: “Well then, what are you going to do, the next time you gas it up, when it costs a lot more to do so?”

EV guy: “Uh, gee, I don’t know…you see, I haven’t had to put gas in it since 1980…uh, let’s see, uh, yeah, that’s right, it hasn’t used ‘any ‘ gas for 2.5 decades now.” Continue reading

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