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82 Miles In the Zombie @ 77% DOD

I know many think my estimates of my EVs’ performance capabilities are too optimistic at times (many doubted the Zombie could run high 10s, let alone nearly cracking the 9s), so I love to prove them wrong ;-) I am happy to report it is the same with my range predictions for the Zombie. Continue reading

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Blue Meanie Gets Meaner!

You all knew it would happen some day, and that day has come…Blue Meanie is headed to the drag track! The Meanie’s entire attitude is shifting from bad boy to bad ass. Along with a big bump in horse power there will also be a threefold jump in range per charge, too. Continue reading

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Zombie on the track in May – 400 lbs. Lighter & Kokam Power…10s in 2010!!

John W: When will we hear about White Zombie hitting the track with the new chassis mod’s and battery pack. Try this: (1) We’ve been ‘very’ busy here at the Wayland EV Juice Bar! Had an LA/Hollywood film crew here … Continue reading

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Almost Submerged the Heavy Metal Garden Tractor!

With all the recent interest in electric garden tractors, my tale for today is timely. First, it was Steve’s swimming hair ball, now it’s diving tractors? OK, here’s the deal…..I’m helping my wife in our backyard doing un-Plasma Boy like … Continue reading

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