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82 Miles In the Zombie @ 77% DOD

I know many think my estimates of my EVs’ performance capabilities are too optimistic at times (many doubted the Zombie could run high 10s, let alone nearly cracking the 9s), so I love to prove them wrong ;-) I am happy to report it is the same with my range predictions for the Zombie. Continue reading

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RIP, Red Beastie

“The Red Beastie has met it’s end……”

And so ends the life of the electric pickup that could :-( Today, with NiMH and LiIon making longer distance range possible in our electric conversions, a 120 mile-per-charge electric conversion doesn’t seem all that significant, but back in ‘97, Red Beastie created quite a buzz when it made it from Portland, OR to Seattle, WA and back, 440 total miles mostly at 60-65 mph speeds over varying terrain, with just four recharges during the trip! Back then, it took close to 2500 lbs. of lead, forty T-105 Trojan 6V wet cells to do the deed. Continue reading

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420 Miles in the Red Beastie – pt 2

Beginning to pull the hill, I again let the Beastie slow down and resisted stepping down on the accelerator pedal. The current draw climbed again towards 200 amps, but I modulated the pedal to keep it closer to 180 amps … Continue reading

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420 Miles in the Red Beastie pt 1

I’ve recently returned from a fantastic electric voyage. Thanks to the vision and determination of my friend Dick Finley, I am proud to say that his electric Toyota truck, the Red Beastie, has just completed a 420 trip that took … Continue reading

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