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Living in the Past, Getting Beat by the Future! (Dec. 13th, 2000)

Considering the Silver Streak project – the 400 mile per charge EV1-powered Insight currently under construction, it seems appropriate to repost the following story about my adventures driving an EV1. Recently discovered photos I had taken on that trip thirteen-plus … Continue reading

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Silver Streak Update – Rinehart Motion Systems to Power EV1 Motor!

  Hello to All, It’s been a rough road to get to where we are today with the Silver Streak project, the l-o-n-g range 71.5 kWh, EV1-powered Insight, but I’m happy to report that this past weekend on Saturday Sept. … Continue reading

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82 Miles In the Zombie @ 77% DOD

I know many think my estimates of my EVs’ performance capabilities are too optimistic at times (many doubted the Zombie could run high 10s, let alone nearly cracking the 9s), so I love to prove them wrong ;-) I am happy to report it is the same with my range predictions for the Zombie. Continue reading

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We hit the ‘Start’ button on ‘Silver Streak’

It’s been in the works for quite a while, but I’m happy to announce the birth of an exciting project, Plasma Boy Racing’s long range electric Honda Insight ‘Silver Streak’ 71.5 kWh Electric Insight Project! Continue reading

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