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Another ‘Amazing Hawkers’ story…or, How to Jump-start a Semi!

Today, with my forklift service truck backed against the dock at an industrial dairy, I was approached by a trucker who’s big rig had a dead starting pack. This particular dock I work at often, is perhaps 50 feet away from where the tractor-trailer rigs pull in to offload their tanker trailers full of fresh milk from surrounding dairies. These aren’t light duty…quite the opposite, they’re the BIG machines, Kenworths, Peterbuilts, and Freightliners, that pull dual tankers filled with heavy liquid behind the tractor. Anyway, as I had just staged my service truck and was getting out of the cab, the driver of a massive Freightliner came up to me to ask if I had jumper cables, as his rig wouldn’t start. I told him, “Boy, did you run into the right guy!” Continue reading

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From the Wayland EV Laboratory…the Siamese 8!

This year’s EV drag racing season is going to be a very active one for me. I’ve got two racing projects on boil at the same time, the new fortified 288V White Zombie, and the Purple Phaze minitruck 156V high current drag truck. Bother are moving ahead nicely, I’m happy to report, but this post will concentrate on the new ‘single motor’ for White Zombie, the Siamese 8. Continue reading

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