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Zilla Powered Blue Meanie Lights up the Crowd (and its tires)

The entire day, I resisted the requests, opting to behave myself. When we were leaving the show with FT sitting next to me, Tim was in the back seat and saying, “Come on John, light ‘em up for these guys.” I resisted for the moment, but then I looked over at the show’s security dudes who were smiling with big approval type grins and spinning their fingers in that universal hotrod sign language that says, “Light ‘em up.” This was more than I could take, and so down went my right foot…the Zilla responded instantly, and even with three of us loading down my little Datsun, the rear tires spun and scratched at the pavement with a very loud continuous squeal. Better than the security dudes, fellow hotrodders, and shocked show goers reactions, was the guy sitting next to me, Father Time, as his wry grin vaguely cloaked by his long white flowing beard could be seen as his sign of “Cool”. Continue reading

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Madman & Plasma Boy do Earth Day

Nearly four Saturdays ago, my wife and I traveled 200+ miles north of Portland, Oregon to take part in the Earth day celebration show in the small rural town of Kingston, Washington, which is also home to Madman Rich Rudman … Continue reading

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Racing Update

Things are progressing at an intense rate for both the White Zombie and Purple Phaze racing projects. Continue reading

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