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Fun at the Movies…Chris Paine meets White Zombie! (pt. 2)

Hello to All, From part 1….. At a little before 7:00 the line formed to go into the theater, so show and tell was over and the real show was about to begin. I was excited to see this movie. … Continue reading

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Fun at the Movies…Chris Paine meets White Zombie!

OK, here’s ‘the rest of the story’……As is typical, this all started bad, very bad. In Portland, Oregon, once we get past July 4th or so, you can count on Summer weather, we’re talking little to no rain and 85-95 degree temps the norm through August. So, anyone wanna guess where I’m going with this? Yup, that damn anti-EV vortex is still after me! I’m not kidding. After 20+ days of sun and warm weather, and with Chris and his crew arriving in town for the big film debut (and a scheduled Zombie ride), a weird July cold front was forecast for mid-week, most likely Wednesday. Geesh! In fact, you just couldn’t get a more deliberate conspiracy from the weather man, with his 7 day forecast showing 85-90 degrees Monday and Tuesday, then plummeting temps and rain ‘only’ on Wednesday, then Thursday and Friday rebounding into the 80s with Saturday and Sunday heading into the 90s again. It seems at every possibility for an EVent this year, weird weather has done it’s best to kill it! Continue reading

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