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John and Ted’s Excellent Adventure…Delivering the Mail!

Back in July I had written: Sob….though I’ve been in, under, and all around GP, I’ve never had a ride That’s all been changed. With all the current talk about Gone Postal, instead of ‘talk’, I’ve been out driving it! … Continue reading

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Reversing White Zombie

In response to Jim Husted’s first part of his Late Night Nationals post, James Massey wrote:

So how did John do reverse in Zombie? Did he go with the tried-and-not-so-true reversing contactors that he had trouble with before, or do something less conventional?

C’mon, wanna know…

I went back to the way I had done it two years ago, only in a much more aggressive design. Here’s how it gets done…

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Car and Driver Runs 12.3 @ 103 mph in White Zombie!

Yes, it’s crazy time here at the Wayland EV Juice bar… a hot 90+ degrees, people and EVs everywhere! A more detailed report will follow after this weekend’s behind me, but for now this update.Tim warmed-up the Zombie with two … Continue reading

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Oregonian Reporter Gets Zombied!

There’s been a frenzy of media coverage lately over EV drag racing, and in particular, over White Zombie’s routine weekend drag racing runs against the gasser boys. A certain well known car magazine has been in contact (can’t release details … Continue reading

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