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More Zombie Street Driving

I’m enjoying getting used to the Zombie’s increased range that the compact 22.7 kWh Dow Kokam pack provides. I’ve had the occasion to play around with tire pressure, and having had a special low friction process done to the ring … Continue reading

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My Favorite Datsun vs Godzilla Story so Far!

Hello to All, As many probably already know, ever since we ran out back-to-back 10.4 second runs, the Internet has been set ablaze with various versions of what happened on July 30th. One of my sponsors has found perhaps the … Continue reading

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Street Driving the Lithium-powered Zombie – 48 miles on less than 50% battery use!

It’s always good when actual results verify previously crunched numbers :-) As we were designing and building the Zombie’s Dow Kokam LiPol pack, with 22.7 kWh available @ C2, and with my up-close familiarity with Datsun 1200s ( I have a pair of electrified ones), I had predicted 110-120 miles per charge at easy freeway cruising, and under not-so-perfect conditions 90-100 miles. Many doubt it, when I report that Blue Meanie only consumes about 178-185 Wh per mile, but the reality is, those are the numbers. The Datsun 1200 coupe is a small car, thus it has a small frontal area, and stock the little Datsun only weighed 1587 lbs. Blue Meanie is fitted with 175/70/13 LRR Goodyear tires pumped up to 50 psi, its wheel bearings are easy-rolling, and its rear end has the stock small case pumpkin that again, has little drag. With 700 lbs. of Hawker lead and a hefty quad subwoofer stereo system adding weight, the car weighs 2450 lbs. and can go 40-45 miles at 45-50 mph speeds with a lead acid pack that only has 7.9 kWh of energy.

The Zombie of course, is a different story! In back, everything is wrong for range. Continue reading

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Wayland Invitational – Version 5.2?

By now it’s fairly well known we had a good night on Friday. Perhaps more important than exceeding our goal of ‘cracking the 10s’ however, is the way all our friends, family, supporters, and sponsors were there to make it even more special. Indeed, Friday was more like version 5.2 of the ‘Wayland Invitational V’ than just another weekend’s Late Night Drags! The 4th run of the night came at 9:08 pm. With the juice cranked up more, I was hoping it would be enough to push us into the 10s, and thought it might be a 10.85-10.9. The launch had a strong 1.62 60 ft.,
and the 1/8 mile was a quick 6.522 @ 106.33 mph. As the Zombie sped away we all leaned in anticipation: we didn’t just touch the 10s – we blew deep into them!
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