3-24-06 Re: Congratulations to Matt Graham and Lowell Simmons!

Rich Rudman wrote:

Looks like Matt Graham  is the first into the Madman’s 100 for 2006. He beat


Uh….Madman, not to try to take ‘anything’ away from Matt’s accomplishment, but duh….our track doesn’t even open until late April :-)
Living in the same Pacific Northwest area as I do, you of all people should know this. Unlike balmy Florida, we have to wait for drag racing weather to return after the Winter’s ice and snow, and the early Spring’s rains are behind us.

By the way, when will ‘you’ make it into your own Madman’s 100?  ;-)

See Ya…John ‘Plasma Boy’ Wayland

Way to go, Matt and Lowell!

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