3-24-06 Hawker and AeroBatteries Team up with Plasma Boy Racing Again

Hello to All,

While my friends across the USA in Florida are all ready tearing up the track, we’re still ramping up for the 2006 racing season. I’m happy to report that today, a pallet of 30 brand new Hawker AeroBatteries arrived at the dock of Northwest Handling Systems. I want to publicly thank Hawker, and especially Dick Brown of AeroBatteries for their unwavering support! Dick’s enthusiasm over our racing efforts has been awesome, and Hawker has been very generous in their sponsorship.

After a pretty heavy day of wrenching on forklifts with service calls all over the city, the stormy Spring day ended on a fun note as I and my ride-along younger tech arrived late returning to Northwest Handling System’s back equipment yard. There’s something very exciting about getting back as day’s light was fading away, opening the slider gate, and positioning my service truck to receive a load of feisty Hawkers. Unlocking the service shop’s doors (everyone had already gone home for the weekend) we went in to fetch the pallet of batteries. The fun started with me choosing one of countless powerful Crown electric reach trucks to do the deed. I chose an AC drive RR5225 stand-up rider-reach machine as the tool for the job at hand. Able to hoist 5000 lbs. straight up 25 feet with effortless ease, the 700 lbs. of AeroBatteries wasn’t much of a challenge for the powerful Crown :-) Still, loading 700 lbs. of batteries by hand would have been a lot of work. I drove the load outside down a ramped grade, and then positioned the forklift at the rear of my service truck. Using the Crown’s multifunction handle I raised the load, side-shifted the carriage to perfectly center the pallet, then used the reach function to extend the batteries into the back of my service truck…the hefty Isuzu truck barely noticed the extra 700 lbs. in back. There’s something very cool about using an electric vehicle to load batteries for my electric vehicle!

The batteries are now at my home, still in the back of the service truck parked in the shop driveway. Tomorrow, I’ll fire up my own electric forklift and use it to retrieve the pallet of batteries…more EV fun!

With a brand new pack and the other mods we’ve got planned, 2006 should be a fast year for Plasma Boy Racing!

See Ya……John Wayland

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