3-26-06 Re: High Voltage Nationals Plea

Hello to All,

electric-plum@juno.com wrote:

As most of you know, Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Illinois will be holding the HIGH VOLTAGE
NATIONALS May 13, 2006.

However, this might NOT happen if we don’t have at least 20 participants
racing in the EVent. Also, if you know any NEDRA  “record”
holder, have them contact me directly as we have a sweet deal for them.

Record holders that have committed so far are John Wayland, Bill Dube’,
Jack Knofp, Darin Gilbert, and Brigham Young Univ.

Yes, the Plasma Boy Racing Team will be there. You can add Father Time and one of his bikes, too.

This is your chance
to rub elbows and fenders with the best in their class. HVR’s “Aggravated
Battery” dragster will also be there.

Where’s all your own local EVers? Surely with such a prominent race in their own back yard, you can get at least 10 more EVs from the area….right? I’m doing some arm-twisting to get more EVs to the EVent, too.  Rudman keeps talking about his fast Fiero…maybe I’ll shame him into bringing it with us back east! Maybe Rod and or Rich could get Gone Postal up and running. It’s a record holder, so maybe some of that mileage seed money would help get it there as well. Who knows, maybe Victor would be interested in caravaning with us from Portland and bring the ACRX?

There is NO entry fee for any EV.    Prizes include trophies and cash

Bob Rice…yes, bring your bunny Rabbit! Anyone from the east coast wanna run against White Zombie? Come on everyone, this is going to be one fun EVent! Matt, Lowell, Steve? You guys from Florida have got some hot machines now…come on, make the commitment and join up with us in the Chicago area! Bob Salem, could you make it with your minitruck from Columbus? That would be yet another hot electric to wow the crowd!

Looking forward to the trek eastward….

See Ya….John ‘Plasma Boy’ Wayland

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