Gas Tax Lady Picks on the Wrong Guy…more fun at ’05 Gasless on Greenwood!

So here we were, my wife Cheryl, her sister Sharon and husband Robert, and myself, sitting outside at a sidewalk table that was part of a Greek deli, getting ready to enjoy our Mediterranean dishes that were to be our lunch break from the hustle-bustle of this fantastic car show we were part of, when a nice lady with a clipboard approached us. She was very polite, but also very determined to talk with us about Washington state’s goofy proposed ‘special’ gas tax, just another one of this state’s latest schemes to dig into the residents pockets. You can imagine at a car show of this size, how this tax proposal was going over. Anyway…..she apologizes for interrupting our lunch, and went on to tell us how the gas tax would affect us, how it wasn’t a good solution to a problem, how unfair it was, etc., etc. Of course, I couldn’t resist the temptation…..

EV guy: “Gas tax…you mean, as in taxing the gas that all these cars use?”

Anti-tax lady: “Yes, that’s exactly right, they want to restrict our driving and make it cost more for us to drive our cars.”

EV guy: “Nah, no thanks, I don’t care. In fact, they could triple the tax, and I wouldn’t care. In fact, I hope they really sock it to everyone.”


At this point, Robert is trying his best not top break out in laughter, as he knows what I’m up to, knows what a hornet’s nest this poor lady has wandered into, and knows my routine…..

Anti-tax lady: “Maybe you don’t understand how this will impact your driving. You’ll have to pay a lot more to enjoy your car. Are you a spectator, or do you perhaps have a car in this show? Either way, you surely like cars if you’re here, right?”

EV guy: “Oh, yes, I do have a car in this show, it’s right up there (pointing up the street).

Anti-tax lady: “Well then, what are you going to do, the next time you gas it up, when it costs a lot more to do so?”

EV guy: “Uh, gee, I don’t know…you see, I haven’t had to put gas in it since 1980…uh, let’s see, uh, yeah, that’s right, it hasn’t used ‘any ‘ gas for 2.5 decades now.”

Anti-tax lady (still unfettered by anything I’ve said so far): “Oh so it’s just a trailer queen, only for show and doesn’t really run.”

EV guy: “No, it runs great and I drove it to the show this morning, but it still didn’t use any gas.”


Robert’s about to lose it now, Cheryl is getting that disgusted wife-of-the-EV nut look, and even I, am having a hard time keeping a straight face……

Anti-tax lady, still not giving in yet: “Oh, so it’s a diesel….you’re not off the hook, the tax applies to noncommercial diesel, too.”

EV guy: “Nope, it aint no stink’n diesel. Nope, non of those fumes from gas, or diesel.”

Anti-tax lady (finally getting worn down): : “I don’t get it, why don’t you care about this?”

EV guy: “Well you see….my car’s electric and it runs on clean, American made electrons, and in my case, generated by the mighty Columbia River via hydro power. I’m free of the bondage to the gas pump, free of middle east oil, and, my car doesn’t belch out fumes like all these other machines here. So you see, I really could care less about a gas tax. Ya know, you really ought to put that stupid clipboard away and come over to see the Seattle electric car club’s line of nifty electric cars over there.”

Robert (who no longer can stay silent): “He’s not kidding, he’s got a really cool electric car, and there’s a bunch more up there, even an electric motorcycle. Man, you picked on the wrong guy this morning!”

The anti-gas tax lady was way cool and knew I was just messing with her. I also confessed that I had to use gas to tow my car to the show, and, that I was an Oregon resident not subject to Washington state’s proposed tax. But, we did have a nice chat all about EVs and how they could improve things. I also told her about my Honda Insight that gets up to 92 mpg. She told me I really got her! Oh yeah, she also ended up coming over to see the EV display, and, spent a good amount of time talking with everyone seemingly, really taking it all in.

What a great opportunity to convert a gasoholic!

See Ya….John Wayland

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