4-10-06 Episode 77: Battery-Powered Dragster on Monster Garage Tonight!

Hello to All,

Just wanted to remind everyone who receives the Discovery channel, that our own Rich Rudman and Shawn Lawless will be on TV tonight on the Monster Garage show. Should be a hoot! My local TV listing has it on at 8:00 pm west coast time.

I met the guy who does the voice over for the show while we had White Zombie on display at the Rod & Custom show this past February. He was excited to tell me that he was scheduled to do his part for the show the following Monday. He was pretty pumped up over doing this episode, and told me seeing White Zombie and the drag racing videos of it jerking the tires off the ground and blowing off muscle cars took him by surprise. I think we helped prime the pump for him to be really excited about the electric Chevy Rich and Shawn helped build.

See Ya…..John ‘Monster Garage rejectee’ Wayland

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