4-10-06 Re: Hybridize-yourself?

Hello to All,

damon henry wrote:

Yes, the only time the Honda system moves with the gas motor turned off is if gravity and/or momentum are on your side.  The electric drive will not work without the ICE running.

From: cowtown@spamcop.net

I know the Toyota setup uses a separate motor, but doesn’t the Honda “IMA”
system have to have the engine running to use electric drive?

Damon, you disappoint me :-(   You need to get up to speed, dude! The 2006 Honda hybrids will in fact, run on battery power alone. They do it, just the way I predicted they would 5 years ago. They close the valves in the engine, cut off the injectors, and let the stuff all spin along with the electric motor. Having all the valves closed amounts to the same thing as having them all open, in that there is very little drag against the electric motor, probably not any more drag than the Prius’ drag caused by the planetary arrangement they use.

See Ya….John Wayland

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