4-10-06 Re: Hybridize-yourself?

Hello to Damon and All,

damon henry wrote:

Well, I have to admit I did not know that (I quit following the Honda Hybrid list a few years ago)

You don’t have to follow the Honda Hybrid list, all you have to do is stay current with regular car magazines. Pretty much all of them have featured the latest improvements and changes of the new hybrids. The big news is that Honda’s latest version of the Civic Hybrid can run a few miles on electric power only, just like the Prius does. Compared to Toyota’s complex trio of an electric motor-generator, a generator, and an ICE all coupled together via sun-planetary gears, Honda gets it done in a far simpler, more elegant way with their IMA system (integrated motor assist) with just the one motor-generator (less than 3 inches thick) sandwiched between the tranny and the flywheel and sharing the ICE crankshaft…no extra gears, no convoluted electrical-mechanical swapping of power and loads.

>…but in my defense the particular engine being sold appears to be from an 05 Civic :-)

That’s why I qualified that my comments were for the new 2006 model.

See Ya…John Wayland

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