4-16-06 Re: Baby Blue Rides Again…cross country in an EV!

Hello to All,

I had written:

>I had also made it possible for Marko’s Fiat to be equipped with the same prototype group 31s, in fact, these two vehicles were the only >EVs on the street with these hard-to-get batteries.”

I heard from Rod who was quick to point out the following details:

>Actually we ran Group 31 Optimas in the British Land Rover with the large and very prominent “P”s on them at Moab. There were >pictures of the batteries in two major magazines, “Four Wheeler” and LRM (Land Rover Magazine) from England.

I stand corrected…sort of :-) If I recall correctly, Rod got his group 31 YTs  several months after I did, so at the time that Baby Blue and Fiamp were running on them, we were indeed ‘the only EVs using them’. If you go to the photo at the following link, you can see that the two center mounted group 31 YT’s shown in Rod’s EV have the retail production lot labels on them, something that took a couple of months for Optima to get around to doing after the initial prototype offer to me.


I’m certain Rod will re-correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure by the time Rod figured out what I was up to, Optima had run out of enough prototype batteries to fill his request for a full set of them, hence the two later production batteries mixed in with the prototype models.

Ah, the good ‘ol days back when Rod and I were EV rivals…now, it’s almost boring being good friends :-)

See Ya…..John Wayland

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