4-19-06 Re: longest range?

Hello to All,

Victor Tikhonov wrote:

I know you can have a la Red Beastie lead sled built to
demonstrate a range number rather than be a normal commuter,
but it’s not exactly what most people would want to drive).

(Don’t get me wrong, I respect Dick Finley’s creation very much).

From Roger Stockton:

In all fairness, I think that Victor’s comment still stands.
The Red Beastie got about 2x the range of a typical conversion, and used
2x the amount of batteries…other aspects of performance suffered as a result: this was a 5000lb
2-person vehicle with reasonably slow acceleration despite a decent
motor and controller combination.

I agree with both of your assessments. The truck was actually even heavier, at exactly 5290 lbs. It’s acceleration was borderline, it was very heavy and felt cumbersome to drive, it slowed down on steep hills, and it took forever to get up to near 90 mph, but amazingly it ‘did’ reach the very high 80s on level ground. On the other hand, it was also capable of towing a 16 ft. tandem wheel trailer loaded with my 2300 car, the 500 lb. Heavy Metal Garden Tractor, and a generator plus tools and stuff, at 55 mph from the east side of Portland south to Woodburn, OR, a 45 mile trip, and it still had about 30% charge left.

Victor, I think you and Dick would have liked each other.

See Ya…….John Wayland

See a video of Red Beastie in action (19th thumbnail down from the top of the page) at the Plasma Boy website:


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