Car and Driver Runs 12.3 @ 103 mph in White Zombie!

Yes, it’s crazy time here at the Wayland EV Juice bar… a hot 90+ degrees, people and EVs everywhere! A more detailed report will follow after this weekend’s behind me, but for now this update.Tim warmed-up the Zombie with two 12 second runs, then it was Car and Driver’s Ted West’s turn. The nervous journalist received last minute instructions from Tim and I on the best launching techniques and what to expect before he was strapped into the electric Datsun from Hell and sent out to the track. First run…12.6 even after letting off the throttle too early with the finish line still ahead of him. With his head hanging in shame, he vowed not to repeat the error and delivered smack-down 12.3 @ 103 mph second run. Third run 12.3 @ 102 mph. This last run Ted lifted both front tires about 4 inches off the ground immediately, so the front wheels were stationary and not rotating for about 40 feet…a very cool looking power-launch!

Earlier this year, Car and Driver road tested a new 500+ hp V10 Dodge Viper that turned a 12.5 ET, so it’s now fairly official from the magazine’s perspective, that an electric street sedan runs a quicker 1/4 mile!

One additional stat…White Zombie ran 12′s on all runs defeating every gasser challenge of the night!

Gotta go…time to head to the track.

See Ya…
John ‘Plasma Boy’ Wayland

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