Car and Driver EV Racing Article Debute Delayed

Hello to All,

I had been assured by the editors at Car and Driver, that the anticipated EV racing story was slated for the April issue that’s about to hit the stands in the next week or two…then I got the phone call. For whatever reason, the story got bumped I’m now told, to the May issue :-(

It was sad news for me, as White Zombie is returning to the Portland Roadster show this year and will be on display at the Oregon Convention Center March 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. With the April issue to be on the stands at the same time, the timing ‘was’ perfect! There’s nothing better, than to have your car in a BIG show while at the same time, it is featured in a major magazine…. oh well.

The good news, is that Bill Dube’s exciting Killacycle is in the current April issue of Hot Rod magazine! Congrats to Bill and the crew for their recent success.

See Ya…..John Wayland

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