Re: Mike’s Pinto Project


My next concern is the strength of the assembly housing itself.

I see John’s mentioned going to a built aluminum carrier (and maybe a whole aluminum housing)

Mike, the new ‘Strange’ aluminum third member has arrived, though I haven’t picked it up yet. I am not going to an aluminum housing for the rest of the axle setup though. I am very pleased with the Dutchman Motorsports steel ‘Street Strip’ housing and have had no problems with it at all. In addition to this new aluminum third member casting, a new ‘Wilwood’ drag raging disc brake conversion setup has also arrived. These are specifically designed for drag racing, are extremely light weight, and for a little Datsun 1200 are huge at 11.3 inches. Together, these two changes should chop another 50-70 lbs. weight off the car, and the having four wheel discs will certainly make the car haul itself down from 110 mph quicker.

After Sunday’s foray into flash-over motor volt limits, I’ve decided to do another gear ratio change, too. More on this later.

Aside from the cracks around your pinion shaft carrier, how did the chopped assembly housing from the ’57 Ford hold up to the abuse?

Very well. I had no problems at all with the stock housing. The only complaint, was that chopped as it came to me, it placed the third member off to the passenger side too far. By the time the Dutchman would have been finished modding the housing and its two axles, it was not a lot more money to simply start over with the ‘Street Strip’ housing fitted with the big bearings and the beefy 31 spline Dutchman axles over the stock 28 spline ones.
See Ya……John Wayland

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