Re: Siamese 8 Lives Again…Seattle here we come!

I had written:

Tonight, after I return from yet another 320 mile round trip to Central Oregon and back (7 trips in less than 4 weeks now), Tim Brehm >and I will meet up at my house at 6:00 pm or so to re-install the Siamese 8 in White Zombie.

For the first time in a long time, it actually went as planned. I returned from my service call to Bend back into the Portland area right on schedule at 5:35 pm. That 320 miles in the rough-riding thundering diesel Isuzu service truck up and over the thickly forested Mt. Hood and through Oregon’s high desert and back (with no AC in 86 degree weather) kind of poops you out. I never even got out of my work uniform and just kept on doing ‘wrenching stuff’ when Tim and another helper, Kevin, showed up. With the reversing contactor setup that mounts to the side of the motor and fits snuggly under the Zilla these days, re-assembly is no longer a 10-15 minute affair. In fact, after fighting with the contactor bracket to get its holes to line up with the motor mount’s side bolts for maybe 45 minutes, I gave up, pulled it all back out, and slotted the thick walled mount to make the re-assembly possible. It took us until 8:30 pm to get the Zombie’s heart beating again.

The Genesis pack was sitting at a healthy 387V static, and after easing the throttle on to test that both directions were functioning, the car was lowered back down as Tim took it out for a little run around the area. After a nice recharge and top-off of the 12V system, I took it out for another run to give the pack some much needed exercise. All seemed OK. We had the car loaded on the trailer by 9:30 pm….finally, I got to pull off those work boots!

With so much OT again this week, I’ll get off early enough to have time to spiff up the Insight a bit, load up some stuff, and head north to Seattle by 3:00 or so.

Saturday’s car show will be a lot of fun, and as always, it will be great to meet some new faces, so please take time to stop by and say hello!

See Ya…..John Wayland

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