White Zombie featured in Wall Street Journal

Plasmaboy in the Wall Street JournalJohn J. Fialka writes an in depth article about the John Wayland, NEDRA and the history of electric drag racing for the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Don’t miss the excellent video in the middle on the on-line article.

PORTLAND, Ore. — On a recent Friday night at the Portland International Raceway, John Wayland scanned the dragsters, looking for an opponent for his geeky looking 1972 Datsun sedan. Finally, he challenged the owner of a souped-up 2005 Corvette, the hottest-looking car at the track, to a quarter-mile race. See how an electric car dubbed the White Zombie is leaving conventional muscle cars in the dust. When the starting light flashed, the Datsun, known as White Zombie, shot silently past the Corvette and kept widening the lead as the two cars faded into the distance…


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