Zombie to make another Attempt at the 10s tonight, Friday 7/30

I’m fairly certain we found the issue with the Zilla problems of last weekend, and I’m happy to report it wasn’t a fault with the controller or Hairball interface…more like a lack of sleep in the weeks prior to the EVent :-) We’ll know for sure tonight, whether I’ve got it figured out or not, but again, I’m at the 95% mark of confidence that I know what I did wrong. In the rush to transplant the Siamese 9 into the Zombie (no small feat) in one short day, the reversing contactor setup was not completed, and thus Hairball did not ‘see’ the safety interlock when trying to switch from series to parallel. Just exactly as Tim had described, the car was a rocket up through the 1/8 mile, then it faulted, jerked, and sputtered right about where he expected the jump to hyper speed parallel mode to happen, then the controller would give up and shut down. Tim would then have to key-off, then key-on and wait for the precharge, before resuming acceleration – and we still ran an 11.7!

I found the problem, when after de-selecting automatic series-parallel shifting the manual shift would still not engage the parallel contactors. They only began to work when I turned off the reverse flag. The Zilla design and safety feature set worked perfectly, as not ‘seeing’ the reverse contactor sense during switch-over told it to shutdown for fear of welded reverse contactor tips. Thanks to my longtime friend Otmar for his support last night, and for designing such a brilliant controller package!

Anyway, it’s all fixed now, the new motor has full reversing capabilities again, the parallel contactors are back on line, all codes have been cleared, and the Zombie is cleared for take-off into the 10s tonight! We’ll be at the gates before 6:00 tonight.
See Ya…John ‘Plasma Boy’ Wayland

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