10-11-05 Re: Bracket Racing White Zombie to a 12.151 @ 106.25 mph World Record!

Hello to All,

Jim Husted wrote:

> I was wondering though? Has anyone else noticed that Tim seems to be doing
> all the driving here lately??

Tim indeed, has exclusively driven this car into all the world records this year. It’s the least I can do to thank him for all his hard work. He’s spent countless hours here working on this car. Tim was supposed to drive Purple Phaze this year, but the truck just didn’t get done in time. We switched gears and focused on pushing White Zombie deeper into the 12′s…Tim was a huge part of this. There wasn’t one bit of whining or complaining out of Tim. He now is attacking Purple Phaze at his home where he’s been sandblasting it in preparation for bodywork and paint. Next year, Purple Phaze ‘will’ be on the track, will be in the 11′s and perhaps even the high 10′s, and Tim will be the driver. I’ll resume driving the slow car, White Zombie :-)

> Hey John is that little ‘Ol Datsun getting too
> fast for you old man???

It’s all your fault, Jim. The Siamese 8 frightens me! Seriously….I’ll have my turn at the wheel next year, for now, Tim’s the man! He’s young, very smart, excited about EVs, perhaps the best mechanic I’ve ever met (at 27 he’s got the skills and experience of a much older man), and he’s a very nice person. I want a fresh face on Plasma Boy Racing, and the car looks way better with a young guy at the wheel than with an aging Greek. He fits right in with the younger guys at the track, is well liked, and represents EVs with a passion….it’s just what I want.

Tim Humphrey wrote:

> In fact I was wondering how John was managing to keep himself out of that car. That’s been > his baby and his dream for years now…

Yes, it has been and still is my baby, but I’m quite excited having Tim drive it. It’s sometimes, more fun to watch this car than to drive it. Now, I can be in the crowd, hear their remarks, talk with them, take pictures, watch the way the car reacts off the line, etc. I can also do my EV PR thing and accurate get info to the track officials in the tower.

> I can’t be believe he hasn’t piloted it once since it’s hit this performance level.

Well, I do drive it, just not on the track right now. It’s a hoot to nail it at 70 mph on the freeway and have it slam you back as it rushes to much higher speeds nearly instantaneously. I also drive it to the track most of the time to make sure all is well.

> How do you do it John??

How do I do it? I usually listen to some AC/DC really loud to satisfy my craving…that calms me down to where I can toss Tim the keys :-)

We’re expecting warmer drier weather for this weekend, and if the rains stop in time we will be at the track Friday night for what may be our last track time until PIR reopens in the Spring (they shut down after the 1st weekend in Nov.) Tim pulled the traction bars out last night after work while I reworked an issue in the rear battery tray. Tonight we are meeting up with Marko Mongillo at the metal shop to modify the traction bars by making them 4 inches longer. This small change will eliminate the remaining spring wind-up we had, keep the rear axle in place better, move the lifting force farther forward and to a reinforced section of the frame, will shift weight transfer more to the rear, and should help the car launch even better and make it so that the Zilla can be cranked up to higher current levels in the series mode. We only need to shave off .2 seconds to break into the 11′s.

See Ya…..John ‘Plasma Boy’ Wayland


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