The Tale of the Skyline GTR

Hello to All,

No, it’s not the same story you’ve all heard about when we raced a
menacing Skyline GTR in our Godzilla vs Godzilla drag race – this is a
new story!

It was during my work day as a forklift wrench, and I had a need to make
a stop at the local hardware store to pick up some non-stock hardware. I
pulled my clattering service truck into the lot and as I was parking,
saw a gun metal colored Skyline GTR parked in the end spot near the
store entrance – diagonal of course, so as to avoid door dings. Yup,
there it was, the same badass machine we all drooled over that exciting
night back July 30th. My mission to the hardware store suddenly changed
from finding a few 1/4 -20 Allen cap screws, to finding the large man we
met during our record-setting 10.4 run at PIR. Matt is a big buff guy,
so I knew he’d be easy to spot in the store. So I’m walking around in my
grungy work-stained uniform stalking Matt, but he’s nowhere to be
found…then I spot him, no, not Matt, but a fellow about my size and a
bit older, grey-haired and wearing a black racer’s coat embroidered with
‘SCCA’…this ‘had’ to be the Skyline guy. I had assumed that at ~ $85K
and a limited production type machine, there was probably only one gun
metal grey Skyline roaming in my area – I was mistaken!

I found him just paying for his hardware and about to exit the building,
so I nearly missed the opportunity to chat with him and check out his
beautiful twin turbo super car. As he was still at the cash register,
there was a line of customers behind him waiting to pay, so there was a
mini audience for what was to follow – a ‘very’ entertaining back and
forth with the GTR guy. I approached and asked:

“You the owner of the gorgeous Skyline out there? Don’t worry, I didn’t
hit it or anything, I’m just a big fan!”

Skyline guy (look of relief knowing I hadn’t run into his car): “Yes,
it’s mine, and thank you.”

Me: “I had the thrill to race against a Skyline, the same color as yours.”

Skyline guy (with his mild British accent): “Oh, what course?” (he is
wearing an SCCA badge, after all)

Me: “PIR’s 1/4 mile drag track”

Skyline guy (with a smile): “Oh…drag racing, how bad did he beat you?”

(at this point, pretty much all the guys in line to pay are now leaning
in to hear)

Me: “Oh, he didn’t beat us, we had the better ET”

Skyline guy: “You out-accelerated a Skyline? Must be a powerful car-
what is it?”

Me: “An electric ’72 Datsun”

Skyline guy (puzzled look on his face): “I’m sorry…I thought you said
you beat the GTR?”

Me: “Oh, we did! He ran an 11.8 – we ran a 10.4″

Skyline guy: “You beat a Skyline in a drag race, with an electric car???
How’d you do that?”

Me: “1250 ft. lbs. of torque – 538 electric horses!”

At this point, there are many jaws hanging open. I tell all, that they
can go to YouTube to see the Skyline vs Zombie race. The SCCA guy pulls his iPhone out at the same time I’m reaching for mine, and in short
order there’s twin viewing screens playing the same video…what fun!

The Skyline guy paid his bill, then a bunch of us went outside to see
the car. A good time for everyone, and a nice break in an otherwise
ordinary work day.

See Ya…John Wayland

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